How to upgrade reCAPTCHA v2 for Stencil BigCommerce themes

As March 31, Google will no longer support reCAPTCHA v1. If your BigCommerce store is still use v1, Captcha box simply disappears, preventing spammers, bots no longer work.

If you using Blueprint BigCommerce theme, please follow instruction here to upgrade to reCAPTCHA v2:

If you use BigCommerce themes bought on BigCommerce marketplace, simply upgrade in Theme Store.

If you use customized Stencil BigCommerce theme but the author discontinue support, just follow our instruction below to upgrade your theme:

Instruction to upgrade any BigCommerce Stencil themes to support Google reCAPTCHA v2:

In your admin page, go to Storefront > My Themes, click Edit Theme Files of your theme.

Edit file lang/en.json, delete the red lines below:

Edit file templates/components/page/contact-us-form.html, delete below red lines:

Insert the green lines below:

Edit templates/components/products/modals/writeReview.html, delete the red lines and insert the green lines:

Edit file templates/pages/auth/create-account.html, delete the red lines and insert the green lines:

FYI, BigCommerce is going to add Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pges) support in store settings soon. If you need to upgrade your theme support AMP, kindly check out our customization service Upgrade BigCommerce theme to support Google AMP.

24th Mar 2018 Papathemes

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