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Fix BigCommerce printing invoice from user account has no style

Print invoice from admin dashboard:

Print invoice from dashboard

You will get a nicely invoice:

Invoice printed from dashboard

However, if you your user prints invoice from their user account, the invoice is non-styled and unformatted.

This bug seems to appear in all Stencil BigCommerce themes available on the market, include the default theme Cornerstone.

We found a simple way to fix this issue in our BigCommerce themes. It also works for any Stencil themes as well.


Edit template file /templates/pages/account/orders/invoice.html in Edit Theme Files editor.

Edit Theme Files

Edit the code as showing below:

Edit invoice template

{{#partial "head"}}

{{{stylesheet '/assets/css/invoice.css'}}}


Save it. Now your user's invoice should works like printing from admin page.

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