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These are on-top quality themes for eCommerce platforms - BigCommerce. We create these amazing templates for store owners, who can use them easily without programming knowledge needed. Come to us, you will find yourself a wonderful tool to boost your business effectively without wasting human resources or any other costs. Check out our creative designs with powerful functionalities and start selling products in a few minutes with our high quality themes right away. What else are you waiting for?


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BigCommerce and BigCommerce template are the best choice

There are so many reasons for online businesses to choose BigCommerce as an effective supporter nowadays. Besides lots of stand-out features, having a good back-end tool is one of the most remarkable things which makes it more trustworthy and impeccable. There is no doubt that BigCommerce outperforms many other ecommerce platforms as it integrates desirable traits, but simpler and more efficient than the others that are at the same price.

BigCommerce was always our first choice each time we have to meet a demand for a new shopping cart from a business owner. It does not happen often, but if there is any feature not available on BigCommerce, we are always ready to learn and do our best to perfect it. How great and reliable are the features of BigCommerce? How beautiful are the designs and the templates? Why don't we look for the answers as well as explore the reasons why this is the number one choice to boost your business by taking a look on these following descriptions.

1. 24/7 Support & 12 day free trial

The first 12 days of free will be a meaningful experience for reaching out to a new BigCommerce template. This is a good enough time for business owners to explore the features of this new platform, whether it is relevant to their own business experience. Just with a call or a click to get answers and help whenever needed.

2. Mobile Templates

In keeping with the trend of mobile application development, BigCommerce also offers a variety of convenient and effective themes for shop owners to meet the needs of the market and to satisfy the purchase of the customers. Not just that, if you are used to working with code, you can also flexible use to adapt this great platform.

3. Sell on Facebook

Nowadays, Facebook exists as a perfect advertising tool for almost large businesses or even small sellers. Because of its popularity, using it effectively will greatly contribute to promoting your brand when using BigCommerce, as this is an indispensable factor contributing to the effectiveness of an ecommerce wesbite. Selling on facebook will help Facebook users browse all your products before navigating to your website, whether that is your customer or not. In addition, users can propagate your items, helping to increase traffic directly to the official template of your shop.

4. Sell on eBay and Amazon

As we all know, when it comes to online retailers, Amazon and eBay are two tycoons in the field. You will be assured that the available customers of these 2 websites will be navigated to your sales page when when they have requirement to buy your items. Try to think how much of your sales will increase as the product is posted on such excellent e-commerce platform? Moreover, this is also definitely the smartest way to increase the number of customers coming to your actual stores. In case you need, please go back to our lately post here for any further information of Amazon marketplace.

5. Product syndication with Shopping Feeds

This is an extremely important tool to increase direct customer traffic or leads of any eCommerce website. Being aware of this importance, BigCommerce offers variety of the most popular and fantastic shopping feeds today, those are Shopzilla and Google Product Search, Price Grabber and Next Tag to help business owners get easier in this task.

6. Gift Certificates and Wish lists

There is certainly no better way to use Gift Certificates and Wish lists to increase the benefits for shoppers. On that basis, BigMerece will help you attract customers and increase their excitement about your business. Whenever your shoppers would like to use, you can easily using this intelligent method by generating gift certificates and coupon codes making from tools on your eCommerce template.

7. Returns Management

Among the important features of any eCommerce website are the profit of products as well. BigCommerce provides this feature and an interface which is easy for managing inventory for each particular product.

8. Payment Gateways Supported by BigCommerce, Paypal, Google Checkout, eWay in Australia, Payleap, 2Checkout are all the entire main payment methods that are supplied by BigCommerce . A great amount of these payment gateways are not mentioned here. Therefore, in case the payment service you are using is different and not mentioned with BigCommerce, it's not the fault of the shopping cart, the problem is on your payment gateway.

9. Shipping Providers Supported by BigCommerce

In this case, the similar situation of the point 8 is applied. The whole shipping providers receive support from BigCommerce. The major suppliers consist of UPS, USPS, FedEx, Canada Post, Australia Post and various small and large manufacturers. And if the shipping service providers mentioned here are not uphold by your current eCommerce template, this is absolutely the right time to alter it.

10. Search Engine Friendly

Search Engine Friendly will be an effective assistant to help your website be displayed many times and widely by promoting Ecommerce SEO of your site. To do this, the latest and most effective advertising tools such as MailChimp, iContact, oLark, iDevAffiliate and other third party softwares will work for you, thanks to the powerful and flexible API library.

After viewing the top 10 features of BigCommerce, we are sure you will have a wise choice to boost your business in your mind, according to the same advice of many experts and developers today. These 5 wonderful BigCommerce themes will help you to have real experience about our stand - out and incredible BigCommerce platforms.

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