Upgrade your BigCommerce Theme to support Google AMP

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Upgrade your BigCommerce Theme to support Google AMP
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Hire us customize your BigCommerce theme to support Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). As you may know that in Q1, Google AMP will be officially supported by BigCommerce. You will be able to turn on/off google AMP in your store settings for product page and category page.

Most of BigCommerce themes include Stencil based themes are not supported AMP. Instead developing a new theme, we offer a services which will help add Google AMP to BigCommerce theme.

Why do you need AMP? 

When you search on Google, you may notice a small lightning bolt icon which indicate the site support AMP or Accelerated Mobile Page. When you view page which has that icon, Google will display that page instantly, you will see that page very fast. That is because Google made a cached version of your page if your page support AMP. With AMP, You have a great chance to allow customers buy your products faster.

Increase conversion rate with Google AMP:

  • AMP load faster 200% responsive mobile pages.
  • Users spend 35% more time on AMP than other traditional pages.

Google AMP helps your site higher rank. Since AMP loading faster than other pages. Your store will has average loading speed higher than your competitor's store. Increasing page speed is a factor for SEO ranks.

Why choose Us

We have BigCommerce themes selling on BigCommerce marketplace, which is official QC passed by BigCommerce engineer. When we start developed this theme. BigCommerce hasn't supported AMP yet. After successfully upgraded our theme to support AMP, we found solution to upgrade most of Stencil themes to completely support AMP.


ETA in 5 working days.

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