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4 Presets of Supermarket BigCommerce theme
Mobile friendly UI/UX
2 Layouts: left navigation vs. top navigation
Featured categories
Products by Category
Product columns
Featured products
Recent Blog
Custom Banners
Customizable navigation
Sticky header
Logo position
Newsletter Popup
Carousel supports videos
Category page
Bulk order
Product page
Products frequently bought together
Shop by brands
Add to Cart Popups
Customizable homepage sections
Product list
Recently viewed products
Instant load


New features in version 4.5.0
search products in category
search products in category demo
banners in mega menu
products load more


Supermarket BigCommerce Theme is a multi-purpose theme which can be used for any type of online stores

  • SUPERMARKET is tested and QC passed by the official BigCommerce developer.
  • Built with Stencil framework, latest version and update to date. Compatible with BigCommerce latest version.
  • Responsive UI/UX Design Optimized: Optimized for mobile, tablet, small screen desktop and large screen 1920px.
  • Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) supports for category page and product pages. Allow to display product details instantly when clicking on google search result. Increase conversion rate by allowing to place order right away on AMP pages.
  • Mega menu: lets you show categories and pages menu in multiple columns with clear typography. Mega menu supports displaying custom banners, easily edit in Banners manager.
  • Vertical menu and sidebar can be enabled to show across the whole site.
  • The homepage includes many useful sections for online shopping mall like:
    • The main slideshow using slick carousel javascript, fully responsive and fast. Supports fixed width or full screen slideshow. No coding required. Just input heading, content, button, links and images. Multi-languages supported as well.
    • Promotion banners let you show off promotions, sale off items in various position. Responsive and nice display on any desktop, mobile or tablets.
    • New productsfeature productsbestselling products blocks. All these blocks can be configured to show up as tabsgridcarousel, or column listing. You can also configure number of products, number of columns to display. Since 4.5.0, it allows to load more products on demand (lazy-load) which is optimized for loading speed and user experience smoothly.
    • Products organized by specific category, support sorting by newest, featured, most rated, and bestselling. Allow to display multiple blocks of products by category. Ability to display banners.Since version 4.5.0, it allows to load more products on demand.
    • Newsletter form lets your customize opt-in the newsletter subscription for your email marketing campaigns.
    • Popular categories shows your top categories automatically, it's also possible to show  sub-categories and thumbnail images.
    • Brands carousel lets you show your product brands automatically or manually. Furthermore, you can use this carousel to display any images as you want.
    • Instagram section allows to display your Instagram photos.
    • Recently posts display post from your blog if turned on.
    • Home Pages sections can be sorted, enable or disabled easily in Theme Editor.
  • Header supports 3 common styles: Logo on the left, Logo on the right and Logo at center. Header can display custom links, phone number, store location or any promotion content.
  • Footer supports to show your store info, address, links and your own custom links.
  • Sidebar allows to show your Facebook chat box, like box. Showing custom banners and text which are editable in Banners Manager.
  • Bulk Order feature allows your customers buying many products at the same time on the same page. It also shows the total price of products going to add to cart. This feature is much-have for wholesale stores, b2b/b2c marketplaces and dropshipping stores. 
  • Frequently Bought Together feature will display bundle products or buy together along with the main product on the product pages. Enable customers to buy more products. It helps you increase the sale rate significantly.
  • Instant Load feature will speed up your website dramatically. Making navigation effectively instant in most cases. It predicts and preload the pages that user may view next. As a result, when user views the next page, the page is displayed instantly. This feature can be turned on/off with one-click in Theme Editor. 
  • Category page, products detail page, blog, post details, contact us, and all other pages are well styled precisely and pixel perfectly.
  • Banner placements allow you to display custom banners or content on various positions on sidebar, home page, category pages, product pages and more.
  • Since version 4.5.0, Search in Category feature has been added. Allows customers to quickly search or filter products in the current category. This search function also work on Bulk Order pages, which allow your wholesale customers easily find products and add to cart in bulk. It works seamlessly with or without Faceted Product Filters.
  • Product page has many customizable options. It also allows to display your custom tabs for each product. Possible to configure image thumbnails position, product details position, videos, customer reviews and much more.
  • Brands page has 2 different layouts: Default layout will display brand names and logos in the grid layout. A-Z Table layout will display brands as listing, brands can be sorted and filtered by the first letter from A to Z.
  • Powerful theme options that let you customize the theme without technical knowledge required:
    • Fonts, typography and colors.
    • All static content can be edited, show on/off in the theme options panel and in the language files.
  • SUPERMARKET theme supports language translationsmulti-currencies and all other features which BigCommerce provides.
  • Theme is also optimized for both mobile and desktop following Google PageSpeed Insights suggestion.
  • SUPERMARKET theme has detailed user guide to help you install and customize the theme for your own purposes.
  • Installing the theme just takes a few minutes no technical required.
  • Our support staffs are positive and enthusiastic to help you building a successful business.

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  • 5
    Supermarket StoreFront

    Posted by Ross on 16th Mar 2021

    This store has a bunch of features for customizing just what you need for what ever you are selling. Papathemes has added new features over the 2-3 years we have had the Supermarket theme and have been great with customer support. I have compared this theme with other Big brands on Bigcommerce and the Supermarket theme holds up.

  • 5
    Great theme!

    Posted by Josh on 25th Sep 2018

    We just took your theme live on a store with about 18,000 products and the client is very pleased with it. Thanks for all your help! We have several stores now using this theme.

  • 5
    Supermarket Theme

    Posted by Scott on 31st Aug 2018

    A great theme with excellent support from Giao!

  • 5
    Liking it Alot

    Posted by Tom Wasden on 17th Jul 2018

    Can you tell me a bit about how you developed this theme. Its groundbreaking for Bigcommerce from what I have seen. So similar to our Magento site I built from Scratch with tons of extensions. Really has an excellent feel for my business. Just wondering why there are no other themes like it and it works so well for me. Maybe its just me but after struggling to maintain our Magento site with 30 plus extensions I just gave up and threw it all to BC to manage. Downside was poor design in comparison to what I had with Magento. Your Theme out of the box is 90% of what I had before.

    For instance just putting the sku visible on category results will save us countless hours per month. Also why is it so fast. Seems to provide alot more data on the page but yet seems to load quicker than the BC Cornerstone theme we were using. IDK but as you can tell I am really amazed with what you did for the BC platform.

  • 5
    Great theme!

    Posted by Robert Hilts on 13th Jun 2018

    Hello, We are using your Supermarket Yellow theme on BigCommerce and love it!! It is such a great improvement from the previous theme we were using and works great. Our sales are up about 30% this year over last and I truly believe most of that is due to using your theme.

  • 5

    Posted by Marjorie H. on 13th Apr 2018

    Great experience. Wonderful for large inventories. Easy to customize. Love it.

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