Create Store API Account for using Theme Store by PapaThemes app

Theme Store by PapaThemes is a third-party marketplace for managing and installing BigCommerce themes and add-ons published by PapaThemes.

To use this app, you may need an API Account for your store with proper permission. In this tutorial, we'll walk-through how to create your API Account and sign into the app.


1. Log into your BigCommerce store admin page with your Store Owner account. 

Note that you have to be a store owner in order to create API account.

2. Go to Advanced Settings > API Accounts, click Create API Account button:



3. Copy and save the API Path to input to the app later:



4. Choose Information & Settings = read-only:



5. Choose Themes = modify:



6. Click Save button:



7. Copy and save the Client ID and Access Token to input to the app later:



8. Open Theme Store by PapaThemes app at: then click Enter Your Store API Account button:



9. Paste the API Path, Client ID, Access Token you've just created above to the form, then click Confirm button:



10. If the API account is correct, you will see the page with list of themes as below:



Now you can try all our themes on your store.

If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact us.





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