BigCommerce Supermarket Theme Release Notes

  • Highly recommend making a backup copy of your current theme before updating to the newer version.
  • Please note that if your theme files have been modified, it cannot be updated automatically. Please contact us for a quote on manual updates.

May 3, 2024 - v7.0.4

  • Fix show hover image and button on product cards generated by graphQL to respect theme settings
  • Fix Instant-Load not display products by category on homepage

April 26, 2024 - v7.0.3

  • Fix remote banner: increase limit to 20
  • Fix Add to Cart button appear along with Pre-order button
  • Remove incorrect variable from GraphQL fetch products
  • Fix price display on GraphQL product cards

April 18, 2024 - v7.0.2

  • Use GraphQL to display products by category and load more of featured/bestselling/new products

March 29, 2024 - v7.0.1

  • Fix jstree hover color
  • Set mute video on carousel by default
  • Fix faceted filter price range not collapse by default
  • Limit shop by brands strictly on the left sidebar
  • Update arrow icon on standard menu consistent with other menu styles

March 21, 2024 - v7.0.0

  • Update new header design
  • Update Bulk Order layout support choosing product options
  • Improve accessibility score
  • Fix accessibility for advanced search
  • Fix accessibility for main menu
  • Make focus visible on product card image
  • Fix color of the top banner link
  • Update color of X icon on Modern style and border color of main menu on mobile
  • Fix image flash when sliding to the next product image
  • Update faceted filter toggle link on mobile
  • Display loading for quick search, close button bigger on mobile
  • Restore theme price

February 2, 2024 - v6.5.2

  • Update quick search to display results after typing 2 letters.
  • Fix main image not display on PDP when BC encode HTML incorrect.
  • Fix code typo.
  • Fix category menu open on homepage but not close on other pages when Instant-Load is enabled.

October 20, 2023 - v6.5.1

  • Fix scroll to top button not clickable when scrolling to the footer
  • Change tab title of products by category sections

August 01, 2023 - v6.5.0

  • Fix the sub menu item hidden in the 'more' menu item when auto-fit is enabled
  • Fix edit cart item display incorrect message when product is unavailable / out of stock
  • Fixed unavailable options' strikeout display during cart edit
  • Fix cart quantity input change not working
  • Fix to prevent mega menu from overflowing right edge of page
  • Fix product schema snippet error when product has not description
  • [CORNERSTONE] Removed accelerated checkout integration #2341
  • [CORNERSTONE] Added css classes for ApplePay Button [#2344]
  • [CORNERSTONE] Added styling config for the Bolt smart payment button [#2356]
  • [CORNERSTONE] Added style configs to payment buttons #2361 - PARTIAL MERGE due to limited file size, ignore file schema.json
  • [CORNERSTONE] Bump Stencil utils to 6.15.1 [#2365][]
  • [CORNERSTONE] Added ACH payment method section to My Account -> Payment Methods page #2362
  • [CORNERSTONE] Display fees on cart page #2360
  • [CORNERSTONE] Replace Twitter logo with X logo within social sharing and social link components #2387

July 07, 2023 - v6.4.0

  • Fix homepage blank display when products by category are not visible for specific customers due to permission restrictions
  • Fix Add to Cart button display for out of stock products in the recently viewed products section
  • Fix SASS Compiler: stop using string +#{number} in function parameter
  • Fix SCSS Compiler: product card icons
  • Fix home page display blank when a category is not visible in products by categories section
  • Use node 18
  • Update Klarna logo
  • Fix menu fit 1 line generating duplicated ID
  • Fix mini popup not open again when adding to cart from product cards
  • Fix quick payment button process incorrect product when frequently bought together enabled

March 09, 2023 - v6.3.0

  • Optimize schema remove some variable
  • Fix glitch with product thumbnail arrows when video is enabled in gallery
  • Fix logo size original on mobile
  • Fix a glitch of searchInCategory in category page on mobile when the banner block above category appears
  • Update Cornerstone 6.9.0:
  • [CORNERSTONE] Make screen reader say error messages when editing customer account. #2233
  • [CORNERSTONE] Make screen reader say all errors then each error while tabbing. [#2230]bigcommerce/cornerstone#2230
  • [CORNERSTONE] On customer message page, screen reader should say each error [#2234]bigcommerce/cornerstone#2234
  • [CORNERSTONE] feat(payment): PAYPAL-1579 added wallet buttons component for product details and quick view
  • [CORNERSTONE] Clarify customer order pagination. [#2241]bigcommerce/cornerstone#2241
  • [CORNERSTONE] Add global region below the navigation in the header #2231
  • [CORNERSTONE] Bump jQuery to 3.6.1. #2250
  • [CORNERSTONE] feat(payment): PAYPAL-1474 added an ID for 'Check out' button and added extra container to render Accelerated Checkout in
  • [CORNERSTONE] Reduce lodash usage [#2256]bigcommerce/cornerstone#2256
  • [CORNERSTONE] Added styling config for the PayPal Accelerated Checkout button #2254
  • [CORNERSTONE] Bump stencil utils with BODL events: Add to Cart and Remove from Cart [#2252]bigcommerce/cornerstone#2252
  • [CORNERSTONE] Add unionpay img to be display on custumers account. #2260
  • [CORNERSTONE] Add smart buttons attributes for various payment providers in Page builder [#2212]bigcommerce/cornerstone#2212
  • [CORNERSTONE] Migrate Cornerstone to new "Hide Price From Guests" functionality #2262
  • [CORNERSTONE] Add Accelerated buttons container into 'add to cart' popup on product details page #2264
  • [CORNERSTONE] Made PDP wallet buttons container hidden in cases when the product is not purchasable or out of stock #2267
  • [CORNERSTONE] Updated PayPal Accelerated Checkout default button styles #2268
  • [CORNERSTONE] Add logic to collect Product Details data and send it to the BC App stencil template through custom event #2270
  • [CORNERSTONE] Fix the issue with getting product details data if the product details form is valid on page load #2271
  • [CORNERSTONE] Fixed escaping on created store account confirm message. [#2265]bigcommerce/cornerstone#2265
  • [CORNERSTONE] Delay validation on account signup, message form, and account edit page #2274
  • [CORNERSTONE] Set "Show quick payment buttons" setting to true by default [#2283]bigcommerce/cornerstone#2283
  • [CORNERSTONE] Fixed en-CA translation warning in terminal. [#2278][]
  • [CORNERSTONE] Added manual captcha to Contact Us form for additional spam protection. #2290
  • [CORNERSTONE] Fixed PDP not respecting "quantity box" display settings. #2291
  • [CORNERSTONE] Added integrarion of storefront-account-payments lib [#2288][]
  • [CORNERSTONE] Fix styles for wallet buttons on PDP #2285
  • [CORNERSTONE] Add remote_api_scripts into cart/preview template to let GA3 snippet to fire the Product Added event, when clicking Add to cart button on Product detail page and rendering the response in popup. #2281
  • [CORNERSTONE] Refactored hide_price_from_guests logic around show_cart_action use #2304
  • [CORNERSTONE] Removed all Google AMP template files #2308
  • [CORNERSTONE] Customer order summary with both physical and digital items shows shipping as null #2309
  • [CORNERSTONE] Fixed product panels with scrolling/arrows prevent contextual menu on mobile devices #2310
  • [CORNERSTONE] Webpack 5, Node 18 Support [#2311][]
  • [CORNERSTONE] Remove xlink attributes on svg #2322
  • [CORNERSTONE] form.serialize() ignores dropdown option elements that have the disabled attribute #2326
  • [CORNERSTONE] Extended BigCommerce.accountPayments app initialization interface #2317
  • [CORNERSTONE] Translation Gap: Submit Return Request button #2331
  • [CORNERSTONE] Gift certificate CSS properties are applied to page after previewing Gift certificate on storefront #2330

December 13, 2022 - v6.2.1

  • Fix theme updating issue.
  • Fix 'blog_count' value type
  • Fix duplicated font value
  • Rename setting variables: fontSize-*, button-radius, carousel-bgColor-opacity, input-radius, container-border-radius, to change the variable types.

December 9, 2022 - v6.2.0

  • Fix no-sidebar product template cause theme_settings.layout undefined
  • Add new widget region blog_post_body
  • Fix PayPal button (PaypalCommerceButton) overlap on the added to cart popup
  • Add new Google fonts: Playfair Display, Montserrat, Josefin Sans. Optimize schema.json file.
  • Update key render-blocking resources to be preloaded via HTTP headers/Early Hints [#2261](

October 13, 2022 - v6.1.2

  • Change blog count option from 20 to 15.
  • Fix in-category search not working when multiple search boxes are present.
  • Fix shipping estimator's quotes alignment.
  • Fix missing price in merchant listing schema. Fix long description in schema snippet.

September 23, 2022 - v6.1.1

  • Hide Frequently Bought Together if all items are not purchasable
  • Add theme setting: Blog > Posts per page
  • Display the value of the selected swatch option when the PDP loads
  • Update product schema json from Cornerstone
  • Use browser-native lazyload for YouTube iframe videos

August 26, 2022 - v6.1.0

  • Fix duplicate social sharing icons in the footer
  • Improve Page Speed Optimization:
    • Remove webpack vendors split chunk.
    • Disable loading remote banners for search bots in speedtest optimization mode.
    • Disable sharing buttons on PDP for search bots in speedtest optimization mode.
    • Disable Frequently Bought Together for search bots in speedtest optimization mode.
    • Disable loading third-party scripts for search bots in speedtest optimization mode.
    • Fix Layout Shift of the product image carousel on PDP.
    • Specify Width & Height of img tags of product cards, product listing items and product images.
    • Add head-last block.
    • Preload product main image on PDP.
    • Not use lazyload+lqip for product image in write a review modal.
  • Add theme setting Blog Style (Featured, 1 Column, 2 Columns)
  • Revise design elements to make them more sophisticated and trendy
  • Center logo on mobile

August 16, 2022 - v6.0.0

  • Fix edit cart item not working
  • Display min only if min equals max in bulk pricing table
  • Fix product custom templates not displaying related products and front matter declaration
  • Display qty box for PreOrder products on Bulk Order layout
  • Correct product price format on Bulk Order layout
  • Fix Add to Cart button of Bulk Order layout does not take into account quantity input after Cornerstone update
  • Display all preview popup.
  • Tweak Yellow style.
  • Update Cornerstone 6.5.0:
  • [CORNERSTONE] Scss lint has been replaced with stylelint. #2069
  • [CORNERSTONE] BCTHEME-152 Replaced scss-lint with stylelint (#2069)(bigcommerce/cornerstone#2069)
  • [CORNERSTONE] User Account, bug styles in section payment methods. #2085
  • [CORNERSTONE] 'undefined' is announced with screen reader while changing Product quantity on PDP. #2094
  • [CORNERSTONE] Fixing merge conflict: BCTHEME-606 #2100
  • [CORNERSTONE] "Manage Website Data Collection Preferences" phrase is not translatable. #2090
  • [CORNERSTONE] Empty email input in newsletter field should trigger an error. #2101
  • [CORNERSTONE] As a shopper I want to see gift wrapping price in product list the cart. #2093
  • [CORNERSTONE] Translation mechanism for config.json has been updated. #2089
  • [CORNERSTONE] (Partial Merge) Translation mechanism for config.json has been updated. #2089
  • [CORNERSTONE] Google AMP feature request - Add in release date info for preorder products. #2107
  • [CORNERSTONE] Translation for states select field on account signup page. #2105
  • [CORNERSTONE] Added description field below payment provider name on "My Account" -> "Payment Methods" page. #2111
  • [CORNERSTONE] additional checkout buttons don't work on applying 100% discount coupon. #2109
  • [CORNERSTONE] Changed debounce wait time for search to 1200 ms from 200 ms. #2115
  • [CORNERSTONE] Apply dependency updates (jest & lighthouse). #2132
  • [CORNERSTONE] Added basic validation for Account Signup Date Field when it's empty #2126
  • [CORNERSTONE] Hide prices for aria-label and data-product-price attributes if set to "Hidden for guests". Hide currency selection for non-logged in users. #2131
  • [CORNERSTONE] Translation Gap: Checkbox Option selection on Product. #2063
  • [CORNERSTONE] Replace schema microdata with LD+JSON tag. #2138
  • [CORNERSTONE] Optimized usage of jsTree library. #2145
  • [CORNERSTONE] Update stencil-utils package. #2157
  • [CORNERSTONE] Cornerstone performance optimizations: remove unused fonts. #2176
  • [CORNERSTONE] (Partial Merge) Cornerstone performance optimizations: blocking scripts delaying DomContentLoaded. #2158
  • [CORNERSTONE] Fixed password complexity error not displaying the complexity rules set in the store settings #2117
  • [CORNERSTONE] Remove Compare Form. #2162
  • [CORNERSTONE] Add google recaptcha to password reset request page #2164
  • [CORNERSTONE] When price list price is set for currency, the cart does not respect product's price.#2190
  • [CORNERSTONE] (Partial Merge) Remove adminBar. #2191
  • [CORNERSTONE] Social media icons failing wave scan with "Empty Link". #2202
  • [CORNERSTONE] Apply security updates (April 2022) #2200
  • [CORNERSTONE] Stored Payment Methods form can be submitted without selecting a Country.#2194
  • [CORNERSTONE] Show pickup details in storefront for BOPIS orders. #2199
  • [CORNERSTONE] (Partial Merge) Incorrect handling of unsuccessful item removing from cart on the Cart page. #2211
  • [CORNERSTONE] Add lang attribute to html tag to improve checkout accesibility [#2210]bigcommerce/cornerstone#2210
  • [CORNERSTONE] Blog Pages Do Not Include Link Rel Next/Prev Tags. #2214.
  • [CORNERSTONE] feat(orders) ORDERS-4645 Add pickup to storefront order invoice
  • [CORNERSTONE] feat(orders) ORDERS-4645 Minor formatting update
  • [CORNERSTONE] Fixed "None" not being selected by default on unrequired Pick Lists without images #2215
  • [CORNERSTONE] Fixed The stored bank account was not displayed in the "payment methods" section #2225
  • [CORNERSTONE] Incorrect translation key for Diners Club card type. #2237.
  • [CORNERSTONE] Cannot Vault 16-digit Diners Club cards - creditcards module version is out of date #2239

April 01, 2022 - v5.2.0

  • Added new region on the cart page #1901
  • Added custom event for product price change on PDP page. #1948
  • PAYPAL-886 added container setting for spb container. #2041
  • Workaround for PayPal Pay Later Message setting doesn't show Product price section
  • New feature: Display videos in image gallery on PDP

December 10, 2021 - v5.1.2

  • Fix Google Structured Data schema for product reviews - Invalid object type for field "author".
  • Fix Recently Viewed Products dropdown position wrong when 'row' class exists (Foundation bug)
  • Add class .sidebarBlock--recentlyViewed

October 23, 2021 - v5.1.1

  • Revert SCSS for NodeJS 10 compatibility.

October 22, 2021 - v5.1.0

  • Fix auto fit 1 line menu not display standard menu + check right edge more accurately.
  • Fix HTML encoding in Address List + Edit Account pages
  • Fix SCSS compile error in NodeJS v12
  • [New Feature] Display Recently Viewed Products for everyone
  • Remove recently viewed products limit

September 09, 2021 - v5.0.2

  • [CORNERSTONE] HTML Entity displayed as is via system/error message on a Storefront. #1888
  • End discount program.

August 26, 2021 - v5.0.1

  • [CORNERSTONE] Apple pay button displaying needs to be fixed. #2043
  • [CORNERSTONE] Use https:// for schema markup. #2039
  • [CORNERSTONE] Added styling config for the PayPal SPB on checkout page #1866
  • [CORNERSTONE] Added settings for payment banners. #2021
  • [CORNERSTONE] Translation Gap: Delete from Cart confirmation popup. #2065
  • [CORNERSTONE] Translation Gap: Gift Certificate -> Code required message. #2064
  • [CORNERSTONE] Translation Gap: Compare page fields (Description, Rating and Availability). #2059
  • [CORNERSTONE] Translation Gap: Cart -> Shipping estimator error messages. #2066
  • [CORNERSTONE] Translation Gap: Account -> Wish List -> Name required message. #2060
  • [CORNERSTONE] Add missing quotes for Country and State/Province fields of Shipping Estimator to pass functional tests #2079
  • [CORNERSTONE] Added translations for Consent Manager. #2083
  • [CORNERSTONE] Add pagination for Wishlists.#1906
  • Remove instagram. Optimize schema/config. Optimize cssrelpreload.
  • Fix Sort By not working when Instant-Load is enabled.
  • Fix issue when selecting the search text from right to left by mouse
  • [CORNERSTONE] BCTHEME-304 add pagination for wishlists (bigcommerce/cornerstone#1906)
  • Discount 25%

July 01, 2021 - v4.10.0

  • Move phrases and static strings to en.json for improving translation customizing. #1850
  • Bulk-Order: Hide progress bar when done
  • Add option "Show all categories on sidebar"
  • Improve CLS score on blog posts
  • Add option show wishlist icon on the header.
  • Convert some icons to SVG.
  • Add product custom template no-addtocart.html

May 06, 2021 - v4.9.0

  • Fix number field too small on product options
  • Move Cookie Consent Update bar to bottom of page
  • [CORNERSTONE] BCTHEME-445 replace page builder ssl settings with new global region for html widget
  • [CORNERSTONE] fixed email address validation in forms. #2029
  • [CORNERSTONE] fix(search): ES-2071 removed adding selected filters for price filter since not needed
  • [CORNERSTONE] BCTHEME-349 improve email validation for forms
  • [CORNERSTONE] Remove AddThis for social sharing, replace with provider sharing links bigcommerce/cornerstone#1997
  • Add bulk-order custom template for brand page
  • Fix sale badge diagonal position
  • Update price min max form spacing
  • Update category and brand image optimized for Core Web Vitals CLS

April 09, 2021 - v4.8.6

  • Fix MPN not update when selecting product options
  • Fix sub pages menu not expand on mobile
  • Add theme option "Full width background color"
  • [CORNERSTONE] BCTHEME-269 Remove layout shifts to improve CLS indicator from Lighthouse performance report

March 09, 2021 - v4.8.5

  • Fixed BCTHEME-384 case when default option is out of stock add to cart button does not populate for in stock options. #1955
  • Fixed STRF-8898 'Show More' gives no additional options when filter clicked. Bump stencil utils to 6.8.1.
  • Fixed Choose Options button on Bulk Order layout not showing quick-view when ecommerce tracking is enabled.
  • Added region product_below_rating on PDP.

February 09, 2021 - v4.8.4

  • Update vertical assignment

February 02, 2021 - v4.8.3

  • Fix [THEME-2048] Supermarket 4.8.2 - Pagination on Search Result Page
  • Fix [THEME-2047] Supermarket 4.8.2 - Checkbox modifier rule doesn't reflect price
  • Add theme option Carousel Video Autoplay
  • Fix reviews pagination link not work when configured in tab
  • Update theme vertical assignments

December 19, 2020 - v4.8.2

  • Fix Faceted Filter not working at version 4.8.1
  • [CORNERSTONE] fix(storefront): STRF-8599 Drop Jquery: Replaced event's current target to the element passed from utils(on hook)

December 15, 2020 - v4.8.1

  • Fix border of rectangle list using input border color
  • Fix homepage carousel not full width in some case
  • Add custom webpage template fullwidth
  • Hide bulk pricing when Restrict to Login is set
  • Fix some typo
  • Fix blog page column misalignment
  • Fix Fit Nav 1 Line moved Categories menu to right
  • Removal Bulk Discounts Toggle from Store Settings
  • Move blog_bottom region out page-content-body

October 20, 2020 - v4.8.0

  • Fix Products By Category right column not hide when banner=no sub-category=hide
  • Remove CSS transition of Sale badge
  • Add regions for blog and blog-post pages
  • Delete the old cookie warning script
  • Add class sidebarBlock--shopByPrice to Shop by Price sidebar block
  • [THEME-2003] Fix pagination display wrong total
  • Fix currency switcher warning popup not show on mobile
  • Add global regions

July 03, 2020 - v4.7.0

  • Display Klarna logo in payment icons
  • Add font-display: swap to FontAwesome
  • Fix home carousel first image not show up before slick init
  • Fix Faceted filter not work with + and space param
  • Update Also Bought for MQPO addon compatibility
  • Display sidebar banners on category pages
  • Fix search keyword show encoded string
  • Add option alert-color-alt
  • Add option search-in-category includes subcategory's products
  • Fine tune product card info's style
  • Fix the brand carousel wrong height
  • Fix Products By Category image not show if subcategories = 0 & fine tune CSS for Modern style.
  • Reduce site logo top/bottom spacing
  • Add 20, 50 to related and customer also viewed products
  • Fix the main navigation item icons break line
  • Fix logo size incorrect on AMP
  • Update Facebook SDK version 7.0
  • Update stencil-cli v2.1.1
  • Update Cornerstone 4.7.0
  • [CORNERSTONE] Fix logo in admin bar
  • [CORNERSTONE] Reset cart quantity to 0 if we get a 404 for the cart
  • [CORNERSTONE] Add rel="noopener" to social links
  • [CORNERSTONE] Bump lazysizes to 5.2.1
  • [CORNERSTONE] Account: Product option special characters are not rendered on invoice, order contents and returns
  • [CORNERSTONE] CATALOG-5689 Special characters in the author field for product reviews are displaying html entities
  • [CORNERSTONE] INT-2593 Display wallet on drop-down section from cart icon
  • [CORNERSTONE] ES-1322 fixed the collapse and expand issue for custom filter without no special characters
  • [CORNERSTONE] STRF-7591 Storefront - “&” displays as “&” under account > orders > Ship/Bill to
  • [CORNERSTONE] STRF-7436 Line breaks entered in Return Instructions
  • [CORNERSTONE] [PERFORMANCE] Optimize polyfills
  • [CORNERSTONE] CATALOG-5557 Special characters are not rendered for product review
  • [CORNERSTONE] ES-466 Custom facets with & symbol works now
  • [CORNERSTONE] CHECKOUT-4828 Special characters to render properly on the cart modal pop up
  • [CORNERSTONE] Suppress YouTube 3rd party related videos
  • [CORNERSTONE] MCU-427 Display modal before switching currencies

March 30, 2020 - v4.6.2

  • Add region product_below_price
  • Support main nav auto fit single line
  • Fix indent of radio / checkbox product option on PDP
  • Add regions: page_builder_content, home_below_new_products, home_below_featured_products, home_below_top_products
  • [CORNERSTONE] fix(storefront): STRF-5678 fixed the check for max length in create account fields
  • Update Cornerstone 4.5.0

February 26, 2020 - v4.6.1

  • Fix products pick list image not display proper sizes
  • Fix Sort By stop working if Facted Search enabled.
  • Update stencil-utils 5.0.3 and remove the fixes for old stencil-utils
  • Fix Facebook Page block not reload if Instant-Load enabled
  • Add border to the quick search box in Modern style
  • Fix Facebook share icon not break line properly on mobile

February 19, 2020 - v4.6.0

  • Fix top bottom banners not change when InstantLoad enabled
  • Fix 2 banners next to the main carousel dropped the line
  • Fix Non Sale Price label not display. Improve prices display on PDP.
  • Fix category menu display twice on the search page has faceted filter
  • Fix "Search in Category" is clear when press enter
  • Fix "Search in Category" clear all filters also clear search
  • Fix newsletter popup form overflow on Firefox
  • Add Bulk Order option to Products display type
  • Add DIV tag to wrap brand description
  • Fix incorrect category image and brand image size
  • Fix Popular Brands limit on PDP and Brand page
  • Fix Popular Brands sidebar block on Brand page showing as configured
  • Improve Sticky Header support for the whole header
  • Fix category image on Bulk Order template
  • Fix thumbnail image responsive on cart page
  • Fine tune spacing on cart page on mobile
  • Fix Faceted Search XHR doesn't work after the first click
  • Fix back button doesn't clear the search input in category page
  • Fix Faceted Filter option title wrong encoded character %, "
  • Update Cornerstone 4.4.0:
    • Fixes and some additions to our Google Structured Data schema for the product page template
    • MERC-3688: Fix thumbnail image sizes
    • Added missing gift certificate translation
    • Fix registerValidation function to validate on writeReview-form email field #1585
    • Fix typo using page instead of pages
    • Fixes body text color not taking effect for cart item headings on mobile / tablet #1586
    • chore: bumping stencil-cli forward for node 10 support
    • Add alert/success components on customer address list page.
    • Fix styling of review modal image #1592
    • Fix corejs warning #1594
    • Fix cart quantity calculation for bundled products #1596
    • Upgrade core-js to version 3 #1598
    • Add jquery-migrate to Modal test #1599
    • STRF-7604 - Fix remaining itemprop availability tag for pricing
    • Fix to make browser back button navigate pagination properly when faceted search is enabled #1606
    • Allow alert text color editing from theme editor and update default alert text color for Bold variation #1565
    • Update sweetalert2 library to latest version #1617
    • Resolve visual regression in error modal icon animation #1619
    • Cannot add wishlist with item when logged out #1618
    • ES-98 Product filters configured to not display product count show a count when you use the "More" modal
    • Add translation key for "read more" blog post link #1625
    • Update My Account Payment Methods template to expose all new savable payment methods 1603
    • Proper address formatting without any additional commas in My Account Payment Methods 1626
    • Product filters configured to not display product count show a count when you use the "More" modal1622

November 11, 2019 - v4.5.2

  • Fix [THEME-1893] Largest srcset image being picked by browser for PDP image, which causes it to load slowly
  • Fix flyout menu broken when set style = Modern, layout = Default
  • Fix spacing of sub menu items when Style = Modern and Showing sub-categories vertical = Yes
  • Support Retina logo

November 6, 2019 - v4.5.1

  • Fix vertical subcategories menu broken in Modern style in version 4.5.0.
  • Add footer.scripts to order confirmation page
  • Do not load main image srcset if product image responsive is disabled
  • Fix JS error when input only 1 category ID in Products By Category setting in version 4.5.0.
  • Improve restoring original image when switching no image variant

November 1, 2019 - v4.5.0

  • Fix rich snippets on AMP product pages
  • Fix social bookmark not work when InstantLoad enable
  • Fix InstantLoad call duplicated requests on the pagination links when Faceted filters enabled.
  • New feature "Search in Category" on category pages. Turn on/off this feature in Theme Editor > Products > Show quick search in category.
  • Fix AMP add to cart button not work on Safari iOS in some case.
  • Improve products by category allow to load form any sub-categories, and load more products.
  • Update Featured Bestselling New products tabs to support load more, improve loading speed.
  • Add search in category for bulk-order template
  • Fix HTML validator
  • Add new feature to display banners on Mega Menu
  • Add option to on/off responsive main product images
  • Tweak CSS padding for static pages in Modern style
  • Remove unused settings product_uniform_

September 16, 2019 - v4.4.0

  • Fix cart image overflow.
  • Fix [THEME-1880] Sale Badges overlap Side Navigation when Compact Style used.
  • Improve "Frequently Bought Together" add selected to cart button, hide thumbnails of products cannot be purchased.
  • Fix Menu icon not show on AMP on Chrome.
  • Add Google Pay icon.
  • Show View Cart button on the mini popup after added to cart.
  • Show Cart-Level discounted price on added to cart popup.
  • Remove margin of product custom fields when in table.
  • Update Cornerstone 4.1.1:
    • Reset compare products counter after faceted search updates page content #1571

August 30, 2019 - v4.3.0

  • Fix THEME-1706 Image Coming Soon does not display on product page.
  • Fix THEME-1764 Header webpage dropdown overlay is behind 2nd row links
  • Fix THEME-1813 Footer > Brand Theme Editor display count setting ignored on storefront
  • Fix JS error when having only 1 image in PDP
  • Fix product thumbnails break line when the carousel hasn't finished initialization.
  • Improve home main carousel to allow smaller image.
  • Update Cornerstone 4.1.0:
    • deleted whitespaces in if statments(content.html) #1560

August 16, 2019 - v4.2.1

  • Fix product images distorted in version 4.2.0
  • Fix videos layout break if not show in tab
  • Fix the main carousel autoplay issue occurred in version 4.2.0

August 12, 2019 - v4.2.0

  • Fix out of stock message on PDP.
  • Fix product faceted filters error when having special characters.
  • Show MPN.
  • Rename Bought Together button to "Select all".
  • Fix social sharing urls.
  • Fix Product badges on list item.
  • Fix multiple videos on the main carousel not play.
  • Optimize JS.
  • Fix price prop for Google structured data (rich text).
  • Fix review link not work in InstantLoad.
  • Add option to show Videos in tabs and re-style videos layout.
  • Fix breadcrumb spacing on search result page.
  • PRODUCTS COMPARE: Improve products compare feature.
  • Fix JS error on product page on IE.
  • Fix setProductVariant error when product name contains (") character.
  • Fine tune CSS for mobile.
  • Update Cornerstone 4.0.0:
    • Explicitly disable autocomplete in password entry input fields. #1465
    • Sanitize faceted search titles to remove HTML #1426
    • Fix submenu click on mobile navigation #1472
    • Fix dropdown cart not showing discounts #1481
    • Fix to open Bulk Pricing modal from Quick View. #1483
    • Update default layout settings for PayPal smart buttons #1486
    • Update jQuery to 3.4.1 #1502
    • Remove remote_api_scripts to avoid double firing analytics #1505
    • Update license year #1510
    • Remove Node 6 from Travis #1511
    • Clean up whitespace in #1513
    • Add additional regions [#1491] (bigcommerce/cornerstone#1491)
    • Fix conditional logic in returns-list.html #1512
    • Fix conditional logic in share.html #1522
    • Update @babel/polyfill to 7.4.4 #1521
    • Add maxlength to text options #1531
    • Add return instructions in return-saved.html #1525
    • Remove Google Plus #1526
    • Fix broken conditional statement in share.html #1533
    • Enable Facebook like button to be displayed on product page if enabled #1530
    • Remove nanobar (loading bar) #1537
    • Fix incorrect DOM selectors causing the payment method form on the account page from working properly in Safari #1541
    • Remove head.rsslinks #1539
    • Utilize srcset for responsive images #1507
    • Clean up conditional logic in a couple component templates #1547
    • Remove "demo" product conditional logic #1551

April 16, 2019 - v4.1.0

  • Fix faceted search encoding URL
  • Fix product image padding on add to cart popup of Modern style
  • Fix related products price changed
  • Fix AMP add to cart error
  • Fix schema.json validation
  • Rename product template from default to with-sidebar
  • Fix JS error in AMP iframe
  • Allow clients to select their desired number of brands on the sidebar
  • Fix button's posittion on 3 product columns
  • Fix newsletter form style in the footer

April 1, 2019 - v4.0.0

  • Add option "Layout" of product page (default or no-sidebar).
  • Add option "Show subcategories menu on sidebar".
  • Add option "Show categories" (Vertical in 'Categories' item or Horizontal).
  • Add new feature "Instant Load"
  • Fix card buttons not show on list mode
  • Fix Also Bought Together product price changed
  • Fix out of stock message show up when Also Bought product is out stock
  • Add extra CSS class for tabs on product page
  • Active vertical category menu on the sidebar for product pages
  • Add theme setting Main navigation > Animation
  • Fine tune CSS mainly for Modern style.
  • Increase image size of product list option
  • Add option to Card Text Align.
  • Add option featured, new, bestselling products limit up to 50.
  • Add option products by category limit up to 100.
  • Add option Style: "Compact".
  • Major update for Yellow style: new colors, compact style, smaller font sizes.
  • Show selected value of Swatch-type product option.
  • Move brand below rating on product cards.
  • Expose jQuery as global variable "window.jQuerySupermarket".
  • Add option allow to pull Bought Together products from related products or customer also bought products.
  • Allow restore product main image after select an option.
  • Remove vertical slide down menu on the header.
  • Add option to show Add Recently viewed products on the sidebar.
  • Move Subpages block to the left sidebar
  • Remove Sticky sidebar & content on category pages.
  • Add option to show product detailed info on product list mode
  • Improve styling of products listing column on mobile
  • Show a short tab's content on mobile devices
  • Scroll to viewport after collapse content
  • Optimize loading remote banners & display banners on quick view
  • Add option to hide loading bar at the top of page
  • Add schema markup for MPN, GTIN

February 15, 2019 - v3.1.1

  • Update Cornerstone 3.2.1:
    • Product description in Compare no longer shows escaped HTML. #1439
    • Removed href="#" from quick view button. #1445
    • Removed href="#" from quick view list item. #1446

February 11, 2019 - v3.1.0

  • Fix static banner glitch after BC changed banner content wrapped by a DIV element.
  • Fix to show only 1 loading progress bar on the top of page.
  • Revert "Remove deprecated fields..." #1407 to continue supporting configurable fields
  • Fix add to cart not show popup if GA auto tag enabled
  • Update Cornerstone 3.2.0:
    • Ensure SKU and UPC display correctly for Variants on PDP. #1431
    • Don't fire Cart API request if there is no cart #1402
    • Cleanup and XSS fix on Cart page. #1434
    • Correcting ID's in date.html form-fields
    • Fix for product without image on Compare page. #1438
  • Update Cornerstone master:
    • Added package-lock.json. #1441
  • Improve PageSpeed score.

January 24, 2019 - v3.0.0

  • [NEW] Product image sticky on product page
  • [NEW] Add new feature Also Bought (Bought Together) on product pages.
  • Fix hide special custom fields in compare page.
  • Fix hide empty addition tab.
  • Improve feature banner below header.
  • Support expand/close content of custom tabs.
  • Fix Bulk Order add to cart when customer login is required.
  • Fix login for price link
  • Add custom class for custom field rows.
  • Add CSS class for cart-total.
  • Update to Conerstone 3.0.0.
    • Make display of quantity selection box on PDP configurable. #1398
    • Remove unnecessary API call to get cookie notification status #1380
    • Cart switch from quote item hash to id which is immutable #1387
    • Remove extra font only used for textual store logo. #1375
    • shotaK's Add context to the menu collapsible factory target elements #1382
    • Added default rule for product carousel card title to break words on overflow. #1389
    • Only show cookie privacy notice for EU IP addresses #1381
    • Move Cart Quantity header value to a FE API call #1379
    • Added defer tag to addThis and defered execution of related script #1406
    • Remove deprecated fields - delivery and event date, and configurable fields. #1407
  • Update to Cornerstone 3.1.0:
    • Fix for ESLint "func-names" warnings. #1420
    • Major performance improvements. Reduce Javascript bundle size from 376kb to 286kb. #1390
    • Send GA tracking event whenever the last product is removed from the CART#1409
    • Fix cart item quantity change rollback #1418
    • Changed z-index to higher for header #1422
    • Removed customer (not address) phone number requirement from Edit Account #1417
  • Update to Cornerstone 3.1.1:
    • Downgrade Webpack to last known good version during development. #1428

December 05, 2018 - v2.8.0

  • Add 2 banners beside the main carousel
  • Add brands page sorted by newest
  • Fix [THEME-1700] Carousel image links do not function correctly in IE
  • Add Bulk Order feature.

November 12, 2018 - v2.7.1

  • Fix the bundle error of 2.7.0

November 07, 2018 - v2.7.0

  • Add support for Paypal smart buttons settings [#1359](
  • Allow to configure homepage sections
  • MERC-4097 Copy changes, rearrange Payment Buttons section
  • Fix spacing with SweetAlert cancel button on mobile [#1363](
  • Copy changes for Payment Buttons section. [#1365](
  • Product review modal error message is now accurate. [#1370](
  • Add support for Card Management: List, Delete, Edit, Add and Default Payment Method [#1376](
  • Add support for declarative data tag analytics. [#1377](
  • Update base theme Cornerstone 2.6.0

October 02, 2018 - v2.6.0

  • Fix textarea cannot start new line when hit enter
  • Show Add to Cart & Compare buttons on mobile
  • Add link to order status in account menu when viewing order [#1343](
  • Fixed amp page error related to store logo [#1323](
  • Blueprint for Mapping Custom Templates to JavaScript Modules [#1346](
  • Fix option set. Selection from option set that containes multiple similar options. [1347] (
  • Update lazysizes plugin to 4.1.2 [#1358](
  • Stop lazyloading store logo [#1357](
  • Added hidden field for checkboxes with a "No" value. [#1355](
  • Add div and id attributes so that contact form steps can be tracked [#1317](

September 11, 2018 - v2.5.2

  • Fix [THEME-1661] Product images load constantly when first image in list is not set to thumbnail

September 07, 2018 - v2.5.1

  • Fix popup preview cart CSS error appear in v2.5.0

September 07, 2018 - v2.5.0

  • Fix faceted fitlers if filter name has special character
  • Fix Facebook Like icon hide Pinterest icon
  • Fix banner images do not show when specify Cat IDs for products by categories section
  • Fix breadcrumb schema
  • Add theme option Flyout Menu
  • Fix blog_post import statement in app.js [#1301](
  • Corrects mini cart display issues [#1298](
  • Fix invoice store logo. [#1326](
  • Require Webpack config only when used (reduce time to be ready for receiving messages from stencil-cli). [#1334](
  • Fix encoding issues on Account Signup Form ("'" characters showing in country name)[#1341] (

August 02, 2018 - v2.4.0

  • Add new feature allow to specify categories to display products on homepage
  • Update QuickSearch to support ajax results on mobile
  • Fix for ESLint "quotes" and "quote-props" errors. [#1280](
  • Fix cart link not being clickable on mobile when white space reduced around store logo [#1296](
  • Open correct product page tabs when URL contains a fragment identifier referring to that content [#1304](
  • Hide popup product option swatch on mobile
  • Display product reviews in tabbed content region of product page. [#1302](
  • Show bulk discounts only if enabled through store settings. [#1310](
  • Style active section in search results. [#1316](

July 02, 2018 - v2.3.0

  • Fix logo footer not center on mobile
  • [THEME-1614] Fix Facebook Like button not appear
  • Fix typo class name productView-info-value--upc
  • Fix not show product special tabs when no tabs checked
  • Add main brand logo size configuration
  • Fix AMP category page error: span no href
  • Fix empty image on carousel wrap. [#1263](
  • Fix duplicate IDs occurrence in product options in certain situations & syntax fix in bulk-discount-rates component [#1223](
  • Fix use case that prevented retail/sale prices from displaying on product details page [#1262](
  • Fix svg arrows missing on AMP product pages. [#1258](
  • Fix arrow placement on currency dropdown menu [#1267](
  • Add alias for lazysizes module to bundle minified library [#1275](
  • Fix prices not showing in quick search while logged in when "Restrict to Login" for price display is true [#1272](
  • Fix duplicate input ID's in product review form [#1276](
  • Fix Webpack DefinePlugin configuration. [#1286](

June 21, 2018 - v2.2.0

  • Fix footer logo align left
  • Fix checkout buttons alignment
  • Fix footer popular brands break new line on Safari
  • Fix bulk price table not show for Price Lists
  • Show SKU on cart page and dropdown preview cart
  • Fix AMP store logo and revert STRF-4804 as it cause invalid CSS
  • Fix swatch not display tooltip
  • Fix site logo size
  • Fix default brand logo not display
  • Fix video on the main carousel not play
  • Styling video block on product page for Modern style
  • Add new setting to display mini modal or hide modal after added to cart
  • Fix add to cart on AMP product page

June 01, 2018 - v2.1.0

  • Add Newsletter summary section to subscription form. [#1248](
  • Show retail price range with strikethrough. [#1199](
  • Fix quantity edit on Simple Product AMP pages. [#1242](
  • Fix for individual low inventory count for SKUs. [#1234](
  • Avoid undefined context in WishList instance. [#1247](
  • Update code from Cornerstone 2.1.0
  • Add image lazyload

May 29, 2018 - v2.0.0

  • Update improvements from Cornerstone 2.0.0
  • Performance improvements. [#1229](
  • Fix Product Options hiding Add to Cart on a Google AMP page [#1214](
  • Hide blank review stars when there are no reviews on a product [#1209](
  • Fix for excess whitespace in multiline text field product option [#1222](
  • Fix for sort disappearing on range update with product filtering [#1232](
  • Fix logo image dimensions on AMP pages. [#1239](
  • Fix product pricing microdata. [#1233](
  • Removed unused browserlist. [#1241](
  • Fix for ESLint "no-console" warning. [#1237](
  • fix(catalog): CATALOG-2913 individual low inventory count for skus

May 24, 2018 - v1.5.5

  • Show custom badge on product page
  • Fix: Support redirect to cart page after added to cart was removed by mistake.
  • Fix category description has no padding on Modern style
  • Add theme option allow to display category description on AMP
  • Fix currency label display wrong on AMP. Change color of menu toggle icon on AMP.
  • Fix product thumbnails carousel when image count < image to show
  • Fix vertical subcategories 3-level not expand automatically

May 18, 2018 - v1.5.4

  • Fix multiple videos cannot play
  • Fix a glitch of price with tax on product page
  • Update image size of blog bigger
  • Support menu to display 4th+ level categories
  • Fix styling price on product page when Include Tax is selected

May 10, 2018 - v1.5.3

  • Fix add to wishlist dropdown css on Firefox medium screen
  • Fix [THEME-1512] Titles of product tabs include in description structured data
  • Fix [THEME-1540] Product images disappear when first image in list is not set to thumbnail
  • Fix [THEME-1557] Unable to close store search overlay when 0 results are returned
  • Fix [THEME-1595] Ordered Lists are truncated on left side of Product Description
  • Improve style of advanced search categories jstree
  • Improve style of price on product page better

May 04, 2018 - v1.5.2

  • Fix product thumbnails carousel should not have variable width
  • Fix product image disappear on cart page on tablet

May 03, 2018 - v1.5.1

  • Fix no results quick search popup cannot close

May 03, 2018 - v1.5.0

  • Shows price ranges instead of prices when they are present in the context on product list pages [#1111](
  • Remove "as low as" feature and add support for price ranges instead[#1143](
  • CATALOG-2408 Fix updateView firing when there are no default options [#1172](
  • Add representation for products and variants with retail price that has sale price. [#1195](
  • Add the +/- icons for the category filtering [#1211](
  • Add head.scripts reference to checkout & order_confirmation pages [#1158](
  • Fix image dimensions on AMP pages. [#1192](
  • Add schema microdata for breadcrumbs. [#1175](
  • Add support for per-variant bulk pricing tier display on PDP [#1167](
  • Implements Add to any Wish Lists capability. [#1134](
  • Fix slick-next and slick-prev so that they are centered across all screen sizes. [#1166](
  • Fixes functionality of date picker option on product pages. [#1125](
  • Add image width & height for carousel images. [#1126](
  • STENCIL-3962 Use _.includes rather than _.contains
  • Adds a theme editor display toggle for weight and dimensions on product pages [#1092](
  • Upgrades all dependencies except for Foundation and jQuery [#1069](
  • Add footer script to optimized checkout / order confirmation [#1085](
  • Fix quick search icon hide on other variations
  • Fix price styling on product page
  • Hide newsletter popup image on mobile
  • Fix quick view product on product page cannot select options

April 25th, 2018 - v1.4.3

  • [New] Add ability to mute sound on video on the main carousel
  • [Fix] swatch option cannot change on iPad landscape mode
  • [New] Add option to display SKU on product card
  • [Fix] cutting text on cart form select box
  • SALE OFF 20% for limited time

April 4th, 2018 - v1.4.2

  • [Fix] Fix logo & product image stretched on AMP pages
  • [Fix] Fix Add to Cart button does not work if product have no option on AMP page

March 29th, 2018 - v1.4.1

  • [New] Add theme option to on/off changing product image when hover
  • [Fix] Fix missing font size, outstock badge color in Theme Editor
  • [Fix] fix(storefront): STENCIL-3567 Fix spaces in faceted search option names
  • [Improve] Update styling Main Carousel for Modern style
  • [Fix] Fix store-logo image at footer not valid AMP

March 22th, 2018 - v1.4.0

  • [Fix] Fix padding of banners search box on mobile
  • [Fix] Hide brand images for layout A-Z Table
  • [New] Update AMP compatible with Supermarket theme
  • [New] Add new variation Modern
  • [New] Add option to display Out Of Stock badge
  • [New] Display remove icon on dropdown mini cart

March 7th, 2018 - v1.3.0

  • [Improve] Don't show homepage carousel video until it is loaded
  • [Fix] Fix expand styling on default layout - vertical dropdown sub menus checked
  • [Improve] Add more space on default layout for breadcumbs and sidebar
  • [Fix] Fix product option checkbox not change price
  • [Fix] Fix top banner padding
  • [Fix] Fix welcome text color not change
  • [Improve] Show products by category even category has no products
  • [New] Add options to set active tab, show/hide tabs in products by category blocks
  • [Fix] Fix G+, FB social icons messy on product page
  • [New] Add options number of products, subcategories display on products by category blocks
  • [Improve] Collapse popular brands on sidebar on mobile
  • [Improve] Tweak container padding, search form on 404 page, heading align & spacing
  • [Improve] Change checkout button to primary on cart page
  • [Improve] update modernizr.js to 3.5.0
  • [Fix] Fix product options 3 columns not work on chrome/android
  • [Improve] Hide quick-view text on product listing on mobile
  • [Improve] reduce space in product listing item
  • [Improve] blog page show categories menu like other pages
  • [New] Add option to display 4 categories in top categories list section on homepage
  • [New] Improve advanced search to sidebar
  • [Improve] Faster loading homepage carousel
  • [Improve] Center product main image while page is still loading
  • [Fix] Fix product page horizontal slider when the first image is not default
  • [Improve] Improve image thumbnails better size on product page
  • [Improve] Fix print order on checkout confirmation page
  • [New] Add options to display images on category blocks on homepage
  • [New] Add options to display recent blog posts and Instagram on homepage
  • [Improve] Show popular brands on category page sidebar
  • [New] Add theme options: top header banners, menu categories label, background of main nav
  • [New] Add Theme Option allow to redirect cart page after add to cart
  • [New] Add Option to display SKU on product items
  • [Fix] Fix Apple Pay button
  • [New] Add new Layout A-Z Table for Brands page
  • [Fix] Fix duplicated categories button when adding new feature search sidebar
  • [Fix] Fix compare table missing image when image uniform enabled
  • [Improve] Fix Google snippet to show correct Stock
  • [New] Add new feature showing button Scroll to Top
  • [Fix] Fix Product List none option is not checked by default
  • [Fix] Fix facebook like button on product page
  • [New] Add Feature to show Newsletter Popup
  • [New] Add option number of thumbnail slides on product page

January 23th, 2018 - v1.2.5

  • Fix sorting bar gear icon on category page on mobile
  • Fix sidebar margin top when no pages nav or when banner below header enabled
  • Improve better cookie warning style
  • Remove banner style for bottom banner position
  • Fix vertical images carousel glitch when product main image is not the first
  • Fix boxed main carousel not full width
  • Fix main carousel min-height incorrect when categories not expand on homepage
  • Update Akamai image optimization to not optimized for logo and product zoom images
  • Add new feature to allow display videos on homepage carousel


January 18th, 2018 - v1.2.4

  • Fix qty box not show on product page on version 1.2.3

January 17th, 2018 - v1.2.3

  • Add 40, 100 to number products per brand page, search page
  • Fix bug product options select box's default value reset when others out of stock
  • Fix bug lightbox image won't change when product option is changed
  • Update Yellow style product page image carousel horizontal by default
  • Fix spacing G+ icon
  • Add new feature to support custom tabs on product details
  • Don't display other images when product page loading
  • Fix Brand when product has no brand
  • Better product card image uniform
  • Move card buttons on image container
  • Add new feature on/off Sticky Header
  • Fix hide qty box if configured in store settings
  • Add new feature showing grid/list, products per page on product page
  • Remove instruction for custom tab
  • Fix setting incorrect ID when product image carousel has no ID
  • Fix login for price on product listing and make it link to login page
  • Fix login for price don't show after login
  • Fix microdata schema when no rating and added image schema
  • Fix product list view type not check show_cart_action
  • Add option to display 2,3,6 columns on product page
  • Use same template 'grid' for product page list view
  • Add theme option on/off address, phone, colors for top header
  • Add theme option on/off shop by brand, shop by price on sidebar
  • Support custom badges via custom fields, option on/off custom fields __


1.2.3 new features

December 21th, 2017 - v1.2.2

  • Fix main product image not display when product options have image changed
  • Fix banner before description overlaps product details
  • Add feature to support show sub pages on menu
  • Fix CSS issue on popup appear after add to cart
  • Fix product attribute "checkbox" not work
  • Add theme option "product options column" & tweak css on product thumbnail horizontal carousel
  • Move saving price showing before without tax
  • Fix product image height responsive when image uniform enabled
  • Fix product options won't show when open child SKU direct link
  • Fix image lightbox not change when product option is changed

November 3rd, 2017 - v1.2.1

  • Add Number of Products per page 40, 100 in Theme Editor
  • Add new feature allow Vertical categories menu on sidebar auto expand on current category page and auto scroll to current category menu item.
  • Add Theme Option allow to display subcategories grid thumbnails.
  • Fix qty form on product page.
  • Add Theme Option to allow display manual custom links on main menu
  • Fix product thumbnail carousel on quick-view
  • Add Theme Options to support banners below header, on category pages, product pages.
  • Fix main carousel image height for general use
  • Fix products columns show heading when disabled

October 17th, 2017 - v1.2.0

  • Add theme options allow to change hover color of dropdown nav links, footer links.
  • Add theme option allow to change colors of Special products tabs.
  • Fix categories list block's heading still show when option set off.
  • Fix vertical subcategories showing wrong
  • Fix problem when enter on quantity box won't decrease 1 unit
  • Fix problem when manually input quality input on the cart page don't update
  • Add theme option to support showing horizontal slider thumbnails below the main image on product page.
  • Remove space at bottom of subcategories on vertical menu
  • Fix restore main image when product option has no custom image is selected on product page

September 28th, 2017 - v1.1.1

  • Fix search results overlap sidebar on Yellow style.
  • Remove facebook block by default.
  • Add theme option to make product images uniform.
  • Update Roboto fonts for Yellow style.

September 27th, 2017 - v1.1.0

  • Add new layout Left Sidebar across the whole site
  • Style better sidebar block
  • Update smaller categories menu
  • Update sidebar display below content on mobile
  • Update product filter on brand page, search page on mobile
  • Fix a styling glitch on block 'shop by price'

August 8th, 2017 - v1.0.8

  • Initial release on theme store.
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