10+ Best free Shopify themes new updated in 2018

10+ Best free Shopify themes new updated in 2018

Imagine how tired you get when wondering from one physical store to another to find the item you want to buy. Nowadays with the e-Commerce application you just need sit comfortably on your chair at home and click, then thousands of thousands products are on display in front of you, no need to wait hours for picking or paying. That is why we introduce 10+ Best free Shopify themes for store owners are going to get popular in 2018.

The problem is how to choose a Shopify ecommerce which is really good and effective amongst thousands different available templates. There is a wide variety of free shop design templates available for most items such as: fashionable clothes, accessories such as watches, handbags, shoes, high-grade jewelry such as precious stones, perfume; cameras, handmade items, or even furniture; for all classes of customers. Moreover, we appear to be fairly confident to show you about the knowledge and experience in helping shop owners to sell them.

You can find the answer on your own after taking a look at these best free shopify themes. Each theme is designed in both clean and impressive style at the same time. All of them are fully responsive, include optimized search engines, and plenty of other easy to use features are combined in order to bring you as many benefits as possible when owing an online shop. So simple they are, it is not necessary to have wide range knowledge in e-Commerce field, you totally have capability of making your store become an outstanding shop.

Whatever type of product you sell, you will be extremely surprised when coming to these following Shopify marketplace themes.

Nozza - Free Fashion Store Shopify Theme

Nozza - Free Fashion Store Shopify Theme

Nozza - Free fashion store Shopify theme is one of the most prevalent designs. With a very dynamic and youthful design in front of two main color tones, white and red, simple and unobtrusive, plus familiar features, this is truly an effective choice for any fashion store.

This Shopify template also has prominent features. Responsive web design helps the template to be optimized for all the most popular screen resolutions, showing icon Quick Shop for each page helps customers quickly view product in details. Besides, selecting options and adding to cart, and many other ways like showing main slideshow at the top, adding zoom and lightbox image effect in product page allows you to display overall items. This will appeal shoppers at first sight and bring them the feeling of having a wide variety of choices. Not only that, as a specialist in this field, this amazing Shopify free template supports you showcase the newest trendy collections right on the homepage, which meets desirable demand of your fashionistas.

The more popular products are, the harder to make it different, but all those remarkable features would make this platform to be a dreaming place that your fashionable clothes could be charmed.

Modular - Free Shopify template with sectioned drag & drop page builder

Modular - Free Shopify template with sectioned drag & drop page builder

If you are looking for luxury and high-grade location for your fashion items, Modular - Free Shopify template with Sectioned Drag & Drop Page Builder will meet that demand for you.

With a simple layout cooperating pure white tone, this Shopify theme would create a high fashion catwalk for your customs. The superb feature of this template is the drag and drop builder function, along with the mini drop down cart, showing the popup message while the add to cart acts as a professional solder serving your customers throughout the shopping time, your shopper will be absolutely contented. By using Sections, Main slideshow, Tab, Zoom and other excellent functions, Modular has well-organized bunches of your items in categories. Adding to related product with slider effect, the chance to increase your revenue is maximized.

There is no way on earth that people visit your website and go out without any satisfying clothes in their cart. Not just that, they are surely willing to come back your shop whenever having intention and became one of your potential customers. As a seller, what more do you need?

Re+Co. Boundless theme

Re+Co. Boundless theme

If you are looking for a premium Shopify template which is opulent and uncomplicated, this one is absolutely a gift for you.

There is also a boundless free shopify theme responsive Re+Co with minimalist design to the maximum, a layout is neat and clean, which will give you an easy shopping – experience but exciting much more. There are no limits and no boundaries with the theme, so your fashion items would be paid attention as the main point. Full of useful features like: Customizable content sections on home page, Drop-down navigation support, Mobile-friendly design, Built-in styles and color palettes, this shopify classic theme will be a close companion for both shop owner and customer that love simplicity, unsophisticated.

Not just that, with a minimalist theme that puts your photography front and center like this, your costume will stand in each own stage and speaks up its own value. So simple, but not mean you do not pay attention to your shoppers feeling. Keeping menus fixed to the top of your page as you scroll down shows that you always stand by them to serve them wholeheartedly.

Still your products, but Re+Co is a showcase of the Boundless theme by Shopify will make them become special and much more opulent.

Snowdevil Venture theme

Snowdevil Venture theme

Even a professional product such as sport outfits like snowboards, boxing, outdoors or any related accessories are no matter at all. Our talented designers have created a free Shopify responsive theme that is excellent and surely suitable for your product.

This is a great place to attract buyers from the very first moment with a showcase of multiple products or brand images on your home page. Then, they can use the Feature product details and images in a large to contemplate items, shoppers do not just come to this template to buy a stuff, they have chance to heart content their favorite hobbies. In addition, multi-column drop-down menu to experience shopping as they are walking around a real store with products distributed and arranged wisely reasonable.

Not only that, you have full power to create your sales, promotion, or discount at the top of your store's home page to increase revenue for the store simply without any helps. It is supported mobile-friendly design as well with a dream of bringing to shopper the most convenient shopping experience, this template is added another reason As you can see, with this Shopify marketplace theme, you completely able to bring a wonderful world of sporty passion to your customers.

NOVA theme

NOVA theme

Other than stylish items, fashion accessories like watches, bags or other similar one are also the most popular items. So, display so many stuffs in just one platform could have driven you crazy. However, that problem will come to the end thanks to NOVA Shopify theme.

This template shopify owns featured collections on the homepage, which allows shoppers to filter their pages by type of products, price, and other customizable options , and helps them to save shoppers' time and do not get confused when they come to your shop. What they need, they will find right away! With this perfect pixel watch template, watches do not just tell the time, they also play a role as an implement enhancing character and style of the users. At the same time, other categories humbly stand in a small group for the salient to parade. This is an intelligent way to prevent shoppers from confusing and feeling uncomfortable.

Furthermore, shopify theme supports you easily show and filter large inventories, helps you control your whole business process without facing any difficulties. More perfectly, this template owns 2 homepage demo layouts which would make you escape from boredom working. You can sell thousands of stuffs, please your customers and boost your shop, all in once.

Vintage Minimal free Shopify theme

Vintage Minimal free Shopify theme

In the other hand, your store only specializes in unique and unpopular goods, then why? How can you sell them in a professional and unique way?

To answer that question, this Minimal free shopify theme brings you one of the best free shopify template with vintage style, and this one will be perfectly suitable for these types of item. Great features such as Customizable content sections on your homepage, Free stock photos by Burst to help you freely show your products; or display products from the same collection on your product pages so that customers can keep on shopping even when they have already picked up one.

Including 3 styles, you are handy to use this template flexibly and stay exciting when running business. Moreover, social media icons will act as a marketing staff for your shop. You are also handy to share announcement for new look books, or share shop description and stories of products in order to inspire your passion to customers.

All this will create a delicate space for making your online store become one of the kind. Come and find out how far this premium shopify themes for free will surprise you!



Unlike for females, designing a Shopify ecommerce theme selling products for male is not simple, it must be subtle and refined at the same time. The Sparo shopify classic theme will make you extremely satisfied.

May not be a fashion savvy shopper, but your customers are totally able to choose their products without any consultation thanks for its useful features such as Product filtering which allows customers to filter products by group by group like best sellers, best price, type of products. By featuring a video and full-width product images on your home page, your items will be enhanced to a higher class and speak up their true value on their own. In addition, there is a prominent feature that you will not find in any other template Shopify which wisely promotes your products by sharing your customers' comments and quotes called Customer testimonials.

Moreover, this theme has mobile-friendly design so that your men customers are able to wonder around your online store in case they are busy. Besides, you can handy share your story and your shop as well as outfit advises to entertaining the shoppers and turn them into loyal customers. Combines with other useful tools, you may not find a wonderful Shopify theme for men like this one!

Digital shop

Digital shop

High-end digital products such as cameras and accessories also have their own display space to charming. With lots of details and many pomegranates to be chosen carefully, a simple Shopify design template are extremely effective.

Understanding that, we bring you a perfect creative theme. Customers will be completely absorbed from the first moment to your shop when the photo slide of the products appears right on the top of homepage because you will be able show these opulent digital applicants. Not just that, understand this goods type includes many different brands so they may make shoppers get puzzled during shopping time, designers group the items clearly and intelligently. This is really a smart way that allows buyers to easily select and compare one to the others to make quick and satisfying purchase decisions.

Besides buying your products, customers could share their favorite items or speak up their passion with others outside by using Social media icons. Along with many other support features, this is absolutely a perfect digital shopify classic theme for your items and turn you into a true expect in the field you are trading. Choosing this Digital template shopify to enhance your products will be never a regretful choice!



Do you think the furniture is only available in showrooms? You will be surprised to come to our Lightroom template.

This amazing shopify theme responsive will bring you a spectacular showroom and professional as in real life where the main space will be introduced on the full-width screen at the top of the homepage. To decorate a living space or work, all you need is not only a table or a chair, but also many different things. So, to optimize the buyer's buying experience, our Shopify design template will help you sort your products in different groups.

In addition, your customers can fully know how to use the product without any consultant staff when you tell your story by featuring a useful video showing full-width product images on your home page, they will no more doubt about anything when come to your furniture showroom. A different feature of this dreaming Shopify template is that you can promote a single product by featuring it front and center.

This perfectly satisfies the users because it meets both the most basic shopping furniture requirements: Product description and instructions for use. This great online lightroom will bring a luxurious space to your furniture.

Free Shopify for fragrance, perfume and cosmetics

Free Shopify for fragrance, perfume and cosmetics

Surprisingly when a special type of goods like perfume is sold well online? Nevertheless, our Free Shopify Fragrance, Perfume And Cosmetics can do that. So how can buyers experience shopping time authenticity like direct contact with the fragrance as out of the store?

The Adding Zoom and LightBox effect will bring the actual feelings to your shoppers. Adding Showing icon Quick Shop feature for each product in the home page, collection page, product page, search page, this theme supports customer quickly view any fragrance bottle details, select options. Then Add to cart icon right there makes your customers have no reason to buy it immediately as they can see every subtle detail of each of your perfume bottles.

In particular, on the pure white background, these luxury items are honored as noble as their true value. In addition, this incredible free Shopify theme is well responsive and mobile friendly, so you can manually update the situation of business and manage shop much more conveniently. The combination of these amazing features would please your customers and build the loyal shopping experience in them, become an indispensable assistant for your online store.

Choose Shopify Fragrance, Perfume and Cosmetics Theme to honor your premium perfume bottles because this free shopify responsive theme will give you more than you need.


What do you think about those best free Shopify themes? As you can see, no matter what type of product you are trading, we also have the ability to create a great e-commerce platform suitable with the best features for you. Whether it is a popular product or a rare one on the market, you can be sure that when run one of those platforms, you would get much more than what you expect. Not just provide you with a wonderful place for selling, these free shopify templates have potential that be able to accompany you throughout your business term, to serve and bring all the best for your customers, please them and grow your shop stronger and lasting long together.

All you have to do is just telling us what you have, our responsibility is bringing you all you need!  

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